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One Plus introduced a pokemon go application on the Google Play Store a few days back. Now One Plus has released another application on the Play Store, but One Plus Plus Launcher has been released for those with only one Plus smartphone. If you have a smartphone with another company, you will not be able to use this launcher.

Releasing this Launcher’s Google Play Store means developers will be able to provide updated updates to users of One Launcher.

One Plus Launcher is a great iconon support. Students can download many other icons instead of changing existing icons.

This launcher lets users access pre-defined gadgets such as search and notification such as multiple commands.

One plus launcher rating on the overall play store is quite good, 4.7 out of 5, which suggests that it has liked users. Of course, it is not available for other smartphones other than launcher Plus Plus.

You can also call the Populative Assistant to the Pokemon goApplication. If you want to share a photo, analyze this app from this app. This app will tell you how popular this photo may be. This app also gives you the hash tag suggestions on the image. The original features of this app are unlimited filters that you can use to make your pictures perfect.

Android users click here to install this application.IOS users click here to download this application.

The original features of this app are unlimited filters that you can use to make your pictures perfect.

Android users click here to install this application.IOS users click here to download this application.

Pokemon gohas launched the Play Store for Android for 3 months after IOS.

Game Version 2.0 has also been launched for IOS

The first four levels or stages are free like IOS app in Pokemon go for Android. After that, users will have to pay 9.99 dollars to play the rest game.This game Android is downloaded 78 million times. 5% of these 78 million has also bought a premium version.The game also features auto-run features, which makes it easy for users to play.

In addition to launching games on Android, the company has also launched this game version 2.0 on iOS. The new version contains more free content and new capacitors.Click here to download this application from Android users.Click here to download this game from IOS Consumer App Store.

Life is giving continuous shock and your life is also circulation. Everywhere you go to bourgeois, go to the beach? Leave out, because now your life is going to disappear. but how?. As always as you take care of, Telenor has brought you all the solutions to all your troubles. A V-Stop application where you will get full entertainment of your entertainment.


We are talking about Telenor’s Pokemon go, which is made for you only. Now you will be instead of free time boring art time!

  • A Life Style application with which you will use the Internet with a Twist!
  • Free-free! Wow box is absolutely free! And more fun? This application is updated daily!
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Wow, come to the box next to the box and find out all your problems.

  • Is there a problem in the lifestyle? Get the solution right away from the box.
  • Fashion is your spice so much spice for you! What’s in Fashion and Life Style, What’s Out? This application has everything.


Not only this but local and international news and sports updates are also part of this great application.

  • Apart from all of this in this application you are for songs, games, different quiz and much more!
  • Party is not over yet! Pokemon gos are available for telecom users special deals.
  • Shopping now and delicious! Exclusive shopping deals and discounts are available for you in your favorite Kilotting brands, beauty parlors and food outlets.


  • Wow on the daily use of Woo Box application you will find MB 20 Internet-free and many of the best SMS and data bundles.

So what’s the matter? Download now the Pokemon goand go to the Internet on the new journey.

How to find new Android apps made by Pokemon go

How to install Pokemon go android applications only?

How to find new Android apps made by Pokemon goPokemon go is introducing Android android applications, some of these applications are of great work. Currently there are over 80 android apps made on the Play Store, the number of frequent increases in the game store. Most Pokemon go built-in apps are also available on Windows Store, while many applications are Pokemon go specifically But only for Android has introduced.There are many users who want to track all of the Android built-in apps. Pokemon go has also made this task easier. To facilitate this work, Pokemon go has introduced another Android application. This app named Pokemon go Apps has two tabA tab is about Pokemon go’s popular apps that have been introduced to Pokemon go and are being liked most.

The second tab is of degrees. In this tab, Pokemon go has divided its apps into ratings. There is also a section for the new application, which includes new updates and new apps.

To download Pokemon go apps from the Play Store, click here.

source link https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-video-games/all-pokemon-games/

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