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pokemon go The trial has been said in Google that Google shows the first games free for children, and then expects parents to get their knowledge and money. Google is not the first company to face such allegations from parents. Apple has already passed through these situations. Apple year last year, Apple had paid back an amount of $ 6000 for playing an 8-year-old girl’s own father’s iPod. Pokemon goFlappy Bird Game Sunday was removed from the App Store and Google Play, the game creator had already notified that they are going to end this game.

The Smart Game, created for Android and iOS, had just consumed $ 50,000 in advertisement revenue by storming the mobile market. The Pokemon gowill download about 50 million times in this short period of time. And used in the App Store for 47,000 critical reviews. Google has released the Endroad Dissertation Report for Blogger. Google is the latest version of Android and its released version of Android. It seems that due to this, the rate of increase in the number of niggers has decreased. With Andrew’s arrival, it seems that the number of nigrate shares will be reduced, because most of the devices running nokia are on Android Will update.

According to the Google data, the number of users of the number of Navy and Marsh Melio has increased by 2% and 0.5%. Apart from this, the market share of all the remaining versions has reduced by some percentage. Android’s lip pop market share is currently 29.2% while cut kate has reduced to 16%. Apart from this, Jelly Bean is 7.6 percent, ice cream sandwich 0.7% and gingerbread also 0.7%. The next month’s distribution report will add a new version starting from O. After coming to the number 1 position in the App Store and the Google Play Store position, many media outlets wrote many critical articles about this game, and wrote it in detail about the playback.

Game creator Anggain announced the end of the game on social site Twitter on Saturday on Sunday, as well as saying that the game is being pursued due to the success, and their lives are affected. It’s happening, while they did not make this game for sale. One Plus introduced a seasonal application on the Google Play Store a few days back. Now One Plus has released another application on the Play Store, but One Plus Plus Launcher has been released for those with only one Plus smartphone. If you have a smartphone with another company, you will not be able to use this launcher.Releasing this Launcher’s Google Play Store means developers will be able to provide updated updates to users of One Launcher.

One Plus Launcher is great pokemon support. Students can download many other icons instead of changing existing icons. This launcher lets users access pre-defined gadgets such as search and notification such as multiple commands. One plus launcher rating on the overall play store is quite good, 4.7 out of 5, which suggests that it has liked users. Of course, it is not available for other smartphones other than launcher Plus Plus

Sam also has introduced Marsh Melo, however, it is not far away from Marsh Melo’s version of Android’s version of Marshallo. Sam Marsh Marsh is an application made for parents and children. Parents can communicate with the children regarding the use of smartphone children.In applications, children can also learn how to use their smartphone by using their own plan, get the reward by getting the default goals.

This reward can help children buy different websites. According to the default goals, children do not lose access to mobile use, which affect their reward. This application is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy devices.Sam Marsh Marsh can be installed by clicking here.

Pokemon Growth Developer announced this week that they are ending support for the Apple Watch version of their game. Pokemon’s support will be closed on July 1, 2019 on American Apple Watch. Apple Watch users since then Apple will not be able to connect their watch with an iPhone app.

The company announces the app in September 2016. Apple released a version of its release just a few months later. Now consumers will not be able to play the full game on their own Apple Watch. Apple Watch told users how to walk before the egg chest after being connected to the phone. Apple Watch told users have acquired a lot of explicit points. In addition, Pokemon or Pok Stop also used Apple Watch Alerts to come near.

The company says they are disconnecting the Apple Watch app due to the Adventure Sync feature introduced last year. This feature counts steps in the background in Background. Apple Watch used to do the same thing. The dictator says that now consumers will not have to switch the game into two devices. Pokemon is a new feature called Fotomod, which can put a new life in this game. With the Sn Snapshot in the application, players can make any pokemon images.

This feature is not included in the game yet, but soon it will be added to the updates on both Android and IOS platforms. You can use this feature as a pokemon look. There is something like Pokemon’s new photographic mode. Skeleton Pokemon and tap the screen on the screen to throw pokemon hair. When you see that Pokemon is sitting in a fine place, you rotate around and see the best angle from where you want to make a picture. All the pictures made in the game will be saved on your phone, which you can also share on social media

Parental control tools can apply some restrictions on access to apps and mobile usage of children in parenting children’s smartphones. This helps small children learn how to use smartphones. There are numerous premiums and free applications available for this. Apple and Google’s own tools are the best for this parental control. Apple screen time Apple’s Screen Time is a set of free parental control tools included in the IOS 12. This allows parents to control their child’s iPhone or iPod away. This can help parents determine the specific application of children’s specific applications, categories of applications or mobile phone usage.

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